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Starscape - Benita J. Prins

“I had a feeling this book would be interesting based on the author’s likes of certain novels, stories, and authors; but this book was even better than expected, first novel or not. I too love The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings trilogies and other stories of the like, and this book truly fits in with those fantasy adventures. Starscape may not be as long, but it certainly packs a solid punch!


“There is a solid and intriguing plot, well developed multiple storylines that merge together perfectly and a wide range of colorfully detailed characters that made this action-packed, fantasy adventure a real thrill to read! From companionship to fellowship, dark shadows to bright stars, Brave Kings to Dark Lords, adventure to mystery, unique languages to songs of wonder, dragons to odd creatures, this book truly captures what a fantasy adventure novel should be!”


~R.H. Dahl – www.rhdahl.wordpress.com